How to Delete Apps From Your Facebook Profile Permanently

In the present days the application on facebook are quite popular and  you get new invitation to join those new apps everyday. But once you join the application, you get notifications and updates related to that apps every day. With some of apps its good but not for all the apps. So here is the way how you can delete those unwanted apps permanently.

STEP #1 : Sign into facebook.

STEP #2 : Then go to Account Settings (Below image may help)



STEP #3 : Having gone to the Account Settings page you see an option called Apps in the left side bar like in the image below. Click on the Apps and follow the next step.



STEP #4 : This is the main and final step to delete the apps. Here you see something like the below image on your screen. Here is the listings of all the apps that you use or used. If you can’t see the app that you are looking for to delete then don’t worry, see below there is an option that says Show All Apps (see in the image below), just click on that and you get listings of all the apps.

Here with every app you see a rightmost column Edit, in which you have two options :

             1. Edit : Click on it  and make the changes as you want for apps.



               2. A Cross Sign : Yes, this cross sign (As shown in the image below) is for deleting that app permanently. Clicking on that Cross Sign will show you a pop-up that asks you to confirm. Simply Check the box and Click on the Remove button (see the image below).



Congratulations!! You have deleted the app permanently.

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