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Facebook Developer : How to Get User Name Using Facebook User ID

When you are developing a facebook app, in many cases u need to know the name of the user. Normally you get it if the user gives the basic permission. But if you don’t want to store the name of

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Facebook : Redirect App From Appcenter to App Page

Normally when you make an apps on facebook and use the method:’apprequests’  of  FB.ui() function to invite friends to join the apps, then the friend gets a notification to join the app which is linked to your apps on facebook app

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Facebook : Adding App as tab to your facebook page

Paste the below URL in your page’s URL bar and place the app id and app url Its Done

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Facebook Apps Development Guide

Facebook App An interactive software application developed to utilize the core technologies of the Facebook platform to create an extensive social media framework for the app.  Facebook Apps integrate Facebook’s News Feed, Notifications, various social channels and other features to

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Steps To Create A New Facebook App (I follow this)

The steps that I follow to create a Facebook App : 1. create a folder say my_new_app(copy any previous app) for the new facebook apps locally. 2. Give all the permission. sudo chmod -R 777 .   (for giving permission to

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Pre-Like Functionality For your Facebook App

If you want to make it compulsary that a user must like your facebook page to continue in your facebook app that you made, Just add this piece of condition in your code $signed_request=$facebook->getSignedRequest(); if (isset($signed_request[‘page’][‘liked’]) && !empty($signed_request[‘page’][‘liked’])) {  

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Remove scrollbars from Facebook App’s Canvas Page

Remove scrollbars and get your facebook app/canvas iframe to autosize to height – FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow() Note: This works with the new facebook 810px width canvas page! If you have created a Facebook application that has an canvas/iframe page tab and you

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