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jquery-Slide Effect not consistent and happening too many times with jquery 1.7

The code that worked : $(document).ready(function() { $(“.menuList li”).mouseenter( function() { $(this).find(“.submenuInner”).stop(true, true).css({“margin-top”:”0″}); $(this).children(“.submenu”).stop(true, true).slideDown(“slow”); }); //console.log(“menuin”); $(“.menuList li”).mouseleave( function() { $(this).children(“.submenu”).stop(true, true).slideUp(“slow”); //$(this).find(“.submenuInner”).animate({marginTop:”-100%”},{queue :false,duration :50}); $(this).find(“.submenuInner”).stop(true, true).animate({marginTop:”-100%”},500); }); }); The code that didn’t work : $(document).ready(function() { $(“.menuList li”).mouseenter(

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