Tips To Check 2G/3G Internet Data Balance in Aircel, Reliance

Many people find it difficult to check their remaining Internet data pack because they don’t know Sim card service numbers or codes to check remaining net balance. This article guides you how to check 2G/3G Internet data balance in Aircel and Reliance.

How to Check 2G & 3G Internet Data Balance In Aircel:

Dial USSD *122*011# to Check 2G & 3G Internet data Balance in Aircel.

It gives not only your remaining data but also your expiry date of your data pack.

Note : Recently Aircel has changed its code. Now the above code works only for “Unlimited data packs”. If you have limited data packs then know the new code *400#

How to Check 2G & 3G Internet Data Balance In Reliance:

Dial USSD *111*1*3# to Check 2G & 3G Internet data Balance in Reliance.

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41 comments on “Tips To Check 2G/3G Internet Data Balance in Aircel, Reliance
  1. Tanmoy Das says:

    thankssss buddy

  2. anshul says:

    sorry boss par aircel data check no par *122*011# se sirf ye show ho raha h ki this no is only for unlimited data plan…………………
    so how to check data?????????????????

  3. Rajib says:

    *400# works for West Bengal

  4. Johnson bag says:

    Above ussd not working.
    If you are from odisha then try this *126*6# code. its working here.

  5. Arbind pandey says:

    very bad i want cheak internet blance of aircel but *122*011# not working

  6. rasa says:

    *111*99# for tamilnadu except chennnai

  7. Pallav says:

    if we are using Aircel sim in data card then how we will check data ?

  8. krishna yadav says:

    *122*011# for delhi customer’s

  9. what about hyderabad bro?
    my sim is not showing me my net balance mr recharge was 255

  10. Thunder says:

    What about for Northeast?

  11. Rajeshwar mahra says:

    Thank….s for this
    given information is proper …helpful

  12. soma says:

    Can somebody plzzz tell me what is the USSD fo aircel limited plan in odisha….. none of the above is working for me including *126*6#

  13. Emnah lemtur says:

    How do I check balance of 2G pack (limited) in Nagaland. The above mentioned code isn’t working for me. please help.

  14. Marshall says:

    thanks Guys… I have Been going crazy trying to find out my unlimited data….. now I can

  15. Koushk Das says:

    *122*011# and *400# not working in my mob in west bengal.its aircel no.

  16. arijeet sharma says:

    what the hell?
    Totally wrong..

  17. Kavita behera says:

    What is third party application down….I can’t check my net me out

  18. Pk says:

    for aircel users dial *122*122# for net balance

  19. paoshim lungleng says:

    hi guysss….am from manipur

    can u please tell me ussd code for aircel 2g night packs and for 2g data remaining balance

  20. suman rawat says:

    kch show ni hora ki kitti mb bchi h kitti mb khtm ho gyi h…balanc b cut gya mera…very bad!!!

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