Tricks To Identify Fake Accounts on Facebook

Trick #1 : Notice Status Updates, Photos & Comments

It is very easy and most common way to judge whether the account is fake or not. You should look for the status updates of the relevant account. If the account is fake, he/she will not care for the status is good or bad. So, You can simply notice a fake account by keep looking for their status updates.

Another facts are the photos and comments. You should point out the comments leaved by the user you want to check out whether is real or not. You should also keep looking for the photos, he/she is posting on their wall. You should also check out the photos on their Facebook profile, if their exists only one photo of an individual person, that account may be fake.

Trick #2 : Keep Looking Recent Activities

You should keep looking the recent activities of suspicious account. You should check out whether that user is making new friends continuously and having no page likes and no groups added. Such types of activities indicates that the user is not real person and running a fake account. You should ignore such type of accounts.

Trick #3 : Check Out The Friends List

It is also a most important issue to find out a fake account on Facebook. As usually, maximum fake accounts are of the girls profiles. Generally, you should check out the friends list of that person and if you found maximum number of friends of opposite gender, it means the profile is used for fun and that’s why it’s a fake account.

Trick #4 : Check Out Basic Information

Check out if there is no ideal links regarding any school, institution or workplace in their profile and that user is looking for dating and interested in men or women, it is supposed to be a fake account. Another doubt is that no girl will show their contact number in the profile, so if any do so and not other useful info, it may be a fake account.

Trick #5 : Go For a Trial Chat

If you received any friend request and have any doubt that the account is fake, accept the friend request and go for chat with the relevant person. If you received any odd reply (like Do you have any boyfriend, Are you single or more..), it is a fake account for sure. You can just un-friend and block that person from your Facebook profile.

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