Steps To Create A New Facebook App (I follow this)

The steps that I follow to create a Facebook App :
1. create a folder say my_new_app(copy any previous app) for the new facebook apps locally.
2. Give all the permission.
sudo chmod -R 777 .   (for giving permission to a full directory)
sudo chmod -R 777 file_name   (for giving permission to file)
3. Delete all svn files from the folder(if any):
find . -name ‘.svn’ -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf

Note: If the above code doesn’t work, delete the single  quote of .svn and put single quote manually.
4. Create a place for the app in the development server
mkdir my_new_app
5. Create an app in facebook from
6. Create a database for the app.
7. Add your local copy to svn
svn add my_new_app
8. Commit your local copy to svn
svn ci my_new_app -m "Nazir"
9. Now got to that folder in the production
cd my_new_app
and execute the below command
svn co svnurl .   (svn url –
10. Adding that App to a Page
Paste the below URL in your page’s URL bar and place the app id and app url
Its Done

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