Steps to Configure PHP NuSphere Debugger

1. start wampserver and check your php version by clicking on wamp tray icon and going to php > version

2. open C:Program FilesnuspherephpeddebuggerserverWindowsx86 and copy the file php_dbg.dll-5.2.x [considering php version to be 5.2 , if you have any other version then copy the file corresponding to it].

3. open C:wampbinphpphp5.2.8ext [change it to whatever path you have installed the wamp in. if you have any other php version other than 5.2.x then go to the corresponding php folder] and paste the file php_dbg.dll-5.2.x

4. open php.ini and add the following lines in the bottom. make sure that you name the extension “php_dbg.dll-5.2.x” if you are copying file “php_dbg.dll-5.2.x” in step 3. if you have any other filename then do not forget to change the name below. :

debugger.ports=7869, 10000/16

5. Now just open your php code and from the point where you want to start debugging just put in this function DebugBreak();

6. Happy Debugging

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