Change hosting site for a live site(say for a Drupal site, from Dreamhost to Bluehost)

Steps :

1. login to the cpanel of bluehost(just taken an example).

2. create a database for your project.

3. create a user for your database.

4. Add the ip of bluehost to your “hosts” file(/etc/hosts)like below
(If you won’t add the ip in your hosts then the site will point to the live site)

5. get all the data from your hosting site through FTP/SSH

One easy way to get the data :
get all the data using “rsync” command in your local computer

rsync -azpSv username@host:/home/yoursite's-root-directory/ ./

6. make a zip file of your data and upload it in your bluehost cpanel through filemanager interface

7. Import the database from where you have kept earlier

8. Change the configuration file(for database and all…)

9. the hosting server has been changed to Bluehost(from Dreamhost)

10.Now check in your command where the site is pointing now by giving the following command:


if its showing the same ip address i.e we used it above) that means Thumbs Up!! otherwise check your hosts file.

Note : Now the domain should point to name servers of your new hosting sites

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