How to speedup a website(WordPress)


  1. Delete all the spam comments from the admin panel of your website
  1. Use only those plugins which are needed.
  1. Use WP DBManager plugin for databases and optimize your database through this plugin atleast once in a month and use a very good caching plugin.
  1. Check all the links are correct(i.e there are no broken links).
  1. Check if all the image’s paths are correct.
  1. Use optimized images.
  1. Use YSlow firefox addons to analyse the speed of your site and make changes accordingly
  1. Deliver your content through CDN(Content Delivery Network)

A CDN helps to deliver your content,images and also CSS & JavaScript files from different locations across the globe.

Your content is served from the location that is closest to your visitors.So if your visitor is from India ,for example,then your content will come from a server in India.

A CDN saves your Bandwidth and your visitors experience faster loading speed.

Yoy can get a free CDN from your hosting provider or you can set one up yourself using Amazon CloudFront and the W3 Total Cache Plugin.

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